Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I have always loved to read books, but this summer, I really flew through them!! I generally have some down time in my day IF I can get all the kiddos to sleep at the same time (which usually does happen, suprisingly). During that time, I quickly clean the kitchen, load up the dishwasher, wipe down the bathroom, then sit down to eat and read. Here are a few of my new favorite books and authors...

1) Meg Cabot. She is very much a "girly" author. I have read Queen of Babble, Boy Meets Girl, Every Boys Got One, Size 12 Is Not Fat and have recently finished Size 14 Is Not Fat Either. The books are hilarious. Shout out to my friend, Ashley, who has gotten me addicted!

2) Ted Dekker. He is a Christian fiction author that writes thrillers. I've read Showdown, House, Obsessed and my favorite is Three. Three came out in movie form also and is really good! He does a fantastic job of tying in the book at the end to religion.

3) Karen Kingsbury - I've just started my first novel of hers...Redemption. I've heard of her books from Ashley and Kristin F. I'm only half way through this first one, and I can barely put it down!! She is also a Christian fiction writer. If you like fiction, read this!!!

So, does anyone have any other suggestions? I'm always looking for a good book!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Hudson Simpson - 3 months

You will probably remember the pictures I took of Hudson when he was 2 weeks old. Here he is at 3 months! I took some pictures in his home a couple of weeks ago. He got a bit fussy and needed a nap, so we met up at the park later that afternoon to finish the session. He is so cute and really starting to smile!! Here are a few of my faves...

Thursday, August 23, 2007


Wow!! It's really been a LONG while since I've posted. Well, a long while for me, anyway. Lindsay and Britten were here for 3 weeks and we loved every minute of it! Taylor and Britten really had fun together. Britten is so smart and at such a fun age! We spent quite a bit of time with them while they were here. Taylor also experienced her first ear infection, which turned into double ear infections. NOT FUN! At the same time, Dustin had an eye infection, sinus infection and strep throat. So, I had two babies to take care of in the evenings and 5 kids during the day. I was wiped out and so grateful when Dustin was feeling good and able to help again!

Dustin and I had planned a date night a few weeks in advance. Pop Pop was going to keep Taylor overnight. Dustin was still not feeling well at all when the date night rolled around, but I REALLY needed a break. So, Taylor still stayed with her Pop Pop and Dustin and I stayed in, ate fast food and watched a movie. It was really pretty nice!

I have started keeping more kiddos again. They are all new kids this fall, except for Taylor and Thatcher. Most of them are part-timers. I have Mason, an 18 month old 3 days a week, Hunter (most of my blogging friends know him) a 3 year old 3 days a week, and Jadyn, a 2 1/2 year old all 5 days a week. I'm back to crazy busy days, but to me so worth it to be home with my precious baby!

Onto my baby (whose not really a baby anymore)...Taylor turned 10 months old last week. I planned to take pictures of her last Saturday at the park, but the rain kept us away. I'll try again this weekend. She is crawling everywhere and very quickly now! She's talking all the time, which amazes me and can "sort of" sign please and more. She eats pretty much anything we do and is drinking from her own sippy cup now. She really is growing too fast! Even though I spend most of my time chasing her everywhere, I love the stage she's in. It's so cool to see her discover and learn new things all the time.

Not to bore you any further, here are some pictures from today. The first few are of Hunter and Jadyn wearing sombreros. These kids are so funny!

And here are Taylor and Thatcher hanging out on the picnic table. They can both climb all the way on top of the picnic table now and have no fear of falling. I sense some major bruises in the near future...
Check out their little feet dangling under the table :)
I kept telling Taylor to give Thatcher a kiss and every time I said it, she put her arm around him and put her head on his shoulder. They are so cute together!
By this point, I think Thatcher had had enough cuddling from Taylor for one day. Check out his expression!

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Cousin Time

Lindsay and Britten are in town and Taylor and Britten have been able to have lots of cousin time! Britten has come over to our house to play almost every day! We converted our back living room into a complete play room. The kids all really seem to love it, including Britten and Taylor. Britten and Taylor have also gone swimming together! Here are some pictures from the last week...

Taylor wore her first ponytail the night Lindsay and Britten came in
Taylor and Britten inside my dad's entertainment unit
Bathing Beauty!
Britten giving Taylor kisses
After a long day swimming in the sun, it was time for ice cream and snow cones. Naturally, Britten had to have a Dora ice cream.
Taylor eating a lime off of Dustin's cherry lime ice. She loves lemons and limes!
We attempted to do their pictures at Tech tonight. It was hard! Britten wanted nothing to do with my camera and Taylor kept crawling away. Here are a few of the better ones...
This is as close as we could get them together. It only lasted about 5 seconds
Taylor showing off her pig-tails
Kissing cousins
Britten laughing in the grass

This is the best picture I got of Britten all night. She is at Gammy's house watching Dora. She was so fixed on the TV, she didn't even know I took the pictures.