Friday, November 21, 2008

Taylor's New Shirt

Did you read the t-shirt??? That's right...Taylor is going to be a big sister! It is still very early, but I am due July 11. All of my levels are great (although they were a bit low the first week). If you read my sisters blog, you will see she is expecting, too. In fact, she is due ONE DAY after me. Crazy, huh?! We are super-excited and feel very blessed!

It's been a while since I blogged, so I thought I would catch up on a few other things. I went on a fabulous ladies retreat last weekend with some women from my church. We went to Ruidoso. We had awesome times of devo, praise/worship, eating and of course, shopping! It was a great weekend of laughter, tears, and spiritual renewal!

In other news, Taylor got a trampoline a couple of weeks ago. She LOVES it!!! She jumps on it everyday (yes, even today when it was 45 degrees outside). She is getting a lot more coordinated. Here are a couple of pictures I snapped of her on the trampoline.

Another funny story I wanted to share...a few weeks ago, I was getting cupcakes ready for the fall festival at our church, and Taylor was eating lunch. I was busy, so I was not paying much attention to her. All of a sudden she says, "Look mom, a spider." I look over at her and this is what she had created. I thought it was pretty creative!!

And last, I had to post pictures of Taylor in this adorable outfit my friend Melody got her for her birthday. If you can't see it well, the skirt is like a ballerina skirt. It is adorable on and so cute in person. Thanks Melody...we LOVE it!!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Mom and David

My mom and David are getting married November 29. I am so excited!! I took some pictures for them last Sunday evening. We didn't stay was cold and windy. But we definitely got some good ones!

I just couldn't resist, Mom. Had to include this one!

Happy Halloween

Taylor was a duck this year for Halloween. She really liked it! She quacked and flapped her wings...too cute! We went to Broadway's fall festival on Sunday, then trick or treated some last night. We have the fall festival at our church in Slaton she gets to dress up again! Here's some of my favorite pictures...

Cory and Carla even got in on the fun and dressed up!
Riley is trying to figure out Taylor!