Sunday, February 24, 2008

Brian and Shelby

My cousin, Brian is getting married to Shelby in August. Tonight, I took their engagement pics on the Tech campus, then a few downtown. They are SO much fun! My cousin is hilarious...if you know him, you know this about him. He kept Shelby laughing, which made for some really cute pictures! Brian is only 1 year younger than me, so we grew up really close. Poor guy, between his sister and me and my two sisters, he was stuck playing house and barbies and dress up...maybe I can find some good pictures of that! :-) And even with all that "girlie stuff", I think he turned out pretty good. Shelby is an awesome girl! I'm so happy for you two. I had a blast tonight...lets hang out soon.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Play-offs and Valentine's Day

The Southland Lady Eagles made the play-offs this season for the first time in like 10 or 11 years. It was so fun watching Dustin coach this year and fun watching the girls do so well. They played Grady for Bi-District last Tuesday in Big Spring. They lost by 13. We had beat Grady earlier in the season. Lot's of the girls had the flu or were getting over it. They were also pretty nervous, seeing as how none of these girls had ever played in a play-off game. I am so proud of Dustin and these girls!!! Congrats on a great season. I took a FEW pictures Tuesday. For the most part, I was TOO nervous to even hold my camera!

We had a fun Valentine's Day. I got Taylor a cute shirt that says "My Heart Belongs to Daddy". Dustin and I don't really ever give each other anything on Valentine's Day. We went to eat at my Dad's and watched a movie together after Taylor went to bed. Here are some pictures of Taylor in her cute shirt.

Taylor started putting a few words together lately. She's not making sentences or anything, but I've been impressed! We saw a balloon at Walmart the other day and she said, "Mommy, balloon. Touch it." She also brought me her coat the other day and said "Coat, on me." It's so cool to see her language skills developing! Today, we were coming home from Lubbock and she was yelling "Booger" in the back seat. I turned around and she had her finger up her nose. I don't know what I'm going to do with her!! We've been getting to play outside a lot lately, and she LOVES being outside. I cannot wait until the summer. I'm sure we will just live outside! I bet she is a cotton top by the end of the summer, too. Her hair just keeps getting blonder and we're not outside too much right now! I can't imagine what will happen in the summer! She is such a joy and blessing to Dustin and I, and I am reminded of that daily by her sweet personality! She loves to hug and kiss and will randomly come up to us and hug and kiss us throughout the day! Here are a few more pictures of her outside...

She shares our love for Sonic drinks

First time in a BIG swing

My favorite...the view from behind