Sunday, May 21, 2006

Staci's Bridals

Staci and Chad are getting married on July 20th in Jamaica. I took her bridal pictures yesterday evening. Her dress is so amazing! Lindsay came along and carried my ladder for me. We had a blast and got lots of great pictures. Here are some of my favs. (Notice...the one in front of the white chapel. Lindsay really wanted to be in the picture. See if you can find her!)

Britten's New Bikini

Staci bought Britten this bikini at Old Navy. We couldn't resist putting her in it and taking a few photos. Her daddy even got to see her in it on the WebCam. What a cutie!!

Monday, May 08, 2006

Staci & Chad

For those of you who don't know, this is my sister Staci, and her fiance, Chad. I took their engagement pictures this weekend on Tech's campus. We had a lot of fun!! Chad, it sure was bright out there! And Staci, it did stink really bad by that stairwell! You two make me laugh!! I am so happy for ya'll, and I know you will both be blessed!

Chad really wanted an arm wrestling picture for the newspaper!

Friday, May 05, 2006

Finally Friday!!

It's finally Friday...the day I look forward to every week! I realized, though, when I checked that I only have 24 Fridays left until my due date! I can't believe how quickly the last couple of months have gone! I have been feeling great this week! I am hoping I am past the throwing up and sleepiness. I seem to have a bigger appetite and much more energy (and my tummy is starting to show the affects of my bigger appetite).

I know that I should be excited that it's rainy outside, but just for today, I want it to stop. I am suppose to take my sister's engagement pictures tonight. Basically, tonight or tomorrow are the only days we can do it b/c she is moving to Farmington on Sunday. So, if the Weaver's and other farmers will please forgive me, I am praying for the rain to stop today. Staci is also graduating on Saturday!! I know she is so excited to be done with school. Congrats Staci...I'm proud for you!!