Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tu-Tu Cute

Our friend Cami gave Taylor this adorable outfit for her birthday. We've worn the shirt and hat quite a bit and Taylor LOVES to play dress up in the tu-tu. I've been waiting for a good day to take her picture in it b/c I wanted her to be bare foot. So when I saw how great the weather was going to be on Tuesday, we went to my dad's backyard and played around. Here are a few of my favorites. Thanks Cami, we LOVE this sassy outfit!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Lot's of Easter!!!

We really celebrated Easter this year!!! And by that, I mean SIX Easter egg hunts/parties!! I was pretty much worn out when it was all said and done! It is wonderful to have all of our family here so that we can celebrate SO MUCH!! And, Taylor was able to have a few Easter egg hunts with her cousin, Britten this year before they went back home to N.C. By Easter Sunday, Taylor had the whole "hunting eggs" thing down!! We had a hunt at Gammy and Pa-paw's (mom and David's house), then at Pop Pop's (dad's), then I hid eggs for Taylor and Ashtyn (the little girl I watch 2 times a week), then at the Slaton park with Trax and Ramzi, then at church, and finally at Grandma and Grandpa's (Dustin's parents) on Easter Sunday. These pictures are totally out of order, and since there are SO MANY I will not be rearranging them.

Taylor with Mikaela and Riley on Easter Sunday
hunting at Grandma and Grandpa's
Before church

Checking out her loot from the Easter bunny. I LOVE the tired eyes and "bus hair." Also, please take note of the tank top that is on...I have a funny story to tell at the end of this post.

Hunting at the Slaton park...this is the view I had each time she bent over...LOVE IT!!

It was VERY cold and Trax had decided he'd had ENOUGH!
Taylor, her cousin Thatcher, and Trax waiting to hunt

Trax, Ramzi and Taylor
Ashtyn and Taylor

They wore their matching shirts that day
Coloring eggs at Gammy's

I had to post this picture of Kendall b/c her eyes are SO blue and pretty!!
5 out of 6 of Gammy and Pa-paw's grandkids (they will have 3 more by July). And can I just say that Taylor loves her newest cousins Cooper, Kendall and Clayton and Abriella!!

I took a few pics before we left for Gammy and Pa-paw's that day
This is my new favorite picture of Taylor...except that she looks TOO grown-up!

Speaking of grown-up, my baby turned 2 1/2 on Thursday!! Boy, I can't believe it! She is quite the hilarious one these days! As promised in the Easter morning pics, I have a few funny stories to share.
The tank top she has on in those pics was a gift from her Great Aunt Susie. A while back when our family was together, Susie learned of my daughters fascination with bra's. Taylor thinks she needs one SO BAD! So, sweet Susie bought Taylor these tank tops and called them her "bra's". Taylor just loves them! The other day, she told me...
"See mommy, I have a brawl just like you. I have boobies like you too, but mine aren't big." Dear Lord, please don't let her inherit my curse. HA!! Also, when she first got the "brawls" (as she calls them), we quickly realized that we needed to talk to her about when it is appropriate to talk about them. We learned this after she showed a woman in the buffet line at Ci-Ci's pizza and after she told a few ladies at church. That is why I am not teaching my child the "correct terms" for private parts!!!!
Another cute story...We were at Target on Thursday picking stuff out for Baby Ryan. Taylor couldn't understand why I wouldn't pick out anything pink. I explained to her that boys don't have pink stuff, but their stuff is blue. She looked at me wide-eyed and said, "So, Baby Ryan's going to be a real boy?? Like Daddy's a real boy?!" I think they light bulb clicked.
She is constantly saying sweet things like this! I don't remember a lot of things, but like to share her sweetness and silliness when I can!

Friday, April 03, 2009

Taylor's 1st Hair Cut

Taylor got her very first hair cut yesterday! She was surprisingly good and still!! Her hair is so thin and she was getting some really long stringy pieces, so it was time for a cut! She actually cut quite a bit off. I wanted a little bob and thought it would make her hair look thicker. It sure did and turned out SUPER cute! After her hair cut, we went to Taco Villa with Lindsay and Britten, where we ran into my cousin Kristin. Then, I had to go to Walmart and I bought Taylor a surprise for sitting so still! She picked out some nail polish and lip gloss. I also got her some new clips for the new 'do!

This picture was right before she made the first cut. The lady needed her to look down, so I squatted down below her. I love it b/c she looks so uncertain!