Wednesday, July 25, 2007

No Pirate's Here

We went to the eye doctor on Monday to check Taylor's eyes. Her pediatrician referred us because she thought Taylor might have a lazy eye. She said if she did, she would wear a patch over her good eye to correct the lazy one. I am glad to report that Taylor's eyes are great. We will not be having a little pirate! I use to notice in my baby pictures that my right eye goes in. I still notice it occassionally in my pictures now. The eye doctor said that Taylor has the same bone structure I do in the nose and eyes. He said that she also has no bridge on her nose yet and that gives the illusion sometimes that she is cross eyed.

Oddly enough, on Sunday, the day before we went to the eye doctor, she had lots of green gunk in her left eye. It was also really red and swollen. The doctor said it might be pink eye, an eye infection, or a cold in her eye. He gave us some drops. It spread from her left eye to her right on Tuesday. Let me tell you how fun it is to give a 9 month old drops in both eyes!

In other news, our little munchkin is crawling everywhere. She's been "trying" for some time now. On Sunday, she decided it was no big deal and started crawling all over the room. She also sits up in her bed and pulls up to her knees when she wants out. This makes nap time a little more difficult!

Here are some pictures from last night...Taylor's first experience with a basketball! She's already got the ball-handling drill down perfect and we're working on triple threat!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Summer Fun!

Aunt Staci bought a swimming pool for Taylor and Britten (when she gets here in a couple of weeks). Staci and Taylor tested out the water today. Taylor said it was just right. She's having a blast in the water!

Monday, July 16, 2007

9 Months

Taylor Faith is 9 months old today! I cannot believe in just three more months, we will be planning her first birthday. That's scary. What sounds awesome is that in 3 more months, we'll be done with formula and hopefully off the bottle! Yay!!!

Taylor is so much fun these days. She never ceases to make us laugh (and I think she knows she is funny!). She still scoots around on her bottom or rolls across the room to get somewhere. She wants to crawl so bad and gets so frustrated when she can't do it. She is standing very well and even "cruises" some when she is holding on to something.

She is still growling and does it very often. Her favorite times to growl seem to be during a prayer or when someone at the mall or Wal-mart is talking to her. She growled at a lady at Wal-mart last night. The lady looked at her and then laughed. I think it caught her very off guard.

Taylor also has two bottom teeth now! Yay! The past week or so with them coming in has been a little rough, for Taylor and her mom and dad. Poor thing was just in so much pain. But now they're in and we are ALL happy! :-)

She is still a great eater and is now starting to eat table food. Her favorites are definitely sweets. Yes, I'm a bad mom and let my child taste our desserts. It's so fun to watch her face when she gets something yummy. She grins from ear to ear!

Here are some pictures I recently took of our sweetie...

Waving to the camera

Standing up

She loves baths!!

See her two teeth?! So cute!

Mikaela and Taylor

Riley and Taylor

Thursday, July 05, 2007

4th of July

We had a very busy day yesterday, but it was so much fun! We started the morning at the 4th on Broadway Parade. We sat on our church lawn with some friends from our class. I think I got pictures of everyone's kiddos, except for Thatcher, who would not look at me all day!

Taylor and Dustin enjoying the parade

Kole after eating his donuts

Charlie is too cute in his sunglasses

Carley in her cute lawn chair

How do you not love that face?!

After the parade, we walked down Broadway, along with probably 100,000 other people, to get a corn dog. Taylor fell asleep, even with all the people and noise!!

I love this little girl!

After the parade and corn dogs, we headed to the park in Slaton for their 4th celebrations. Taylor got to see her Grandma and Grandpa and her Great Aunt Lynette and Great Uncles Don and Lonnie.

This is Taylor's "Elvis" smile

Taylor and her future boyfriend, Kutter, although she much prefers fighting right now. She pulled Kutter's bandana and knocked him on the grass! He is about 5 weeks older than Taylor and she's already 2 lbs bigger!!

After Slaton, we headed to Plainview to see some of my side of the family. Taylor got passed around all night and loved every minute! We ate really good food, and enjoyed good company.

My big girl clapping

She LOVED playing with Shebi's dog Mia. Mia was scared to death of Taylor! At one point, Taylor stuck out her tongue so Mia could lick it...gross!

Taylor so excited over Mia

My beautiful cousins, Kristin and Kelcee

Taylor and her Pop Pop

Taylor didn't get to enjoy the fireworks. She sacked out a little too early. She stayed inside while we enjoyed the show from my Uncles front yard.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

For Lindsay

Lindsay, Taylor and Thatcher really want you to get well soon!

I totally can't take credit for this idea. Averi thought of it. Isn't it so cute?! For those of you that don't know, my sister Lindsay has been having very bad abdominal pain since last Thursday. At first they thought it was gall stones, but they did an ultrasound and her gall bladder looked fine. She went back to the ER on Saturday night and they ran more tests and decided it could be Hepatitis A. She went to her doctor yesterday and they did a Hepatitis screen (which won't be back until Friday or Monday). He also thinks the pain could be from a spider she got last Thursday, which they think is a black widow bite. It stinks because she doesn't really know what's wrong. To make matters worse, her hubby is deployed right now overseas. But, luckily my mom was able to fly to Georgia to help take care of Lindsay and Britten. Please say a prayer for her that she gets better soon! We love you so much Lindsay and can't wait to see you at the end of the month! Get Well Soon!!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Meggie's Bridals

I photographed Meggie's bridals on Saturday afternoon. We were able to do the pictures at the Neugebaur's (that would be Randy Neugebaur's sons home). The home was breathtaking, jaw-dropping and absolutely amazing. The housekeeper gave us a tour of the home...something like 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, a playroom, a couple of living areas, pool, etc. The details of the home were amazing! The flooring in many of the rooms looked like it came from Versailles. The molding and the wayne's coating on the walls was spectacular. The kids rooms were hand painted like a castle or farm and one of the bathrooms was even painted like you were inside a barn!

Okay, enough about the house and onto the beautiful bride! I took something like 400 pictures. Whew, what an afternoon.

Three of her FIVE flower girls came by for a few photos. They are so adorable!

Check out Meggie's beautiful green eyes against this ivy. And the veil...her mother made it! She also created the bustle for the gown. Very talented woman!!

Meggie said she wanted me to post a "few." I hope you are okay with the "few" that I posted. I had so much fun with all three of you ladies yesterday! Ya'll are such a precious family. I cannot wait for the will be an awesome day!