Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My Big Girl...sort of...

There have been some major changes in the Wall house over the last week. A week ago Monday, Taylor told me she needed to "poop" in the potty!! And she did! When she was done, I told her that we needed to go put her diaper back on. She told me No More Diapers! I've always heard that your kids will tell you when they are ready to potty train. I just didn't know it would be THAT blunt!! So, Monday afternoon, I put her in big girl panties and she's been in them since. We have a few accidents a day, but she's doing GREAT!!! Also that evening, Dustin and I decided she was ready for her big girl bed. She LOVES it and is still sleeping great! One night last week, she fell out twice, but went right back to sleep. Yesterday morning, Dustin found her sound asleep on the floor. Overall, though, she's doing great! Unfortunately, she is showing NO signs of being ready to get rid of the paci! I will probably work on that in a few weeks. I don't want her to have too many changes at once. She may be 40 before she gets rid of it, the way she loves the loves the stupid thing! For now, though, I will rejoice in all those trips to the potty!!!

Here are some pics of the big girl with her panties on in her new bed!

And a few from yesterday. Love her hair!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Taylor said something last night that brought tears to my eyes. It also reminded me of how BIG our God is and that He is always in control, something I tend to forget in the busy-ness of my days. Here's the story...

Dustin's grandma has been having some pretty big health issues over the last month or two. Sunday, she took another fall (one of three or four in the last few weeks) and broke her nose and her finger. We've been praying for her and worrying about her for a while now. Last night, when we were getting Taylor ready for bed, I was saying her prayer with her. She said "Dear God, Thank you for daddy and mommy and taylor (which is what she normally says)...and for Me-Maw (Dustin's grandma)." We had not said anything to her about Me-Maw last night. In fact, we had not said anything about Me-maw in a few days. I referred to her last night by her first name, so I know Taylor did not overhear me. I was touched by her sweet prayer, but mainly touched by God. I know he put Me-maw's name in Taylor's head, so Taylor would pray for her. It's like He wanted to remind me that He is in control!

Another quick, similar story that I've never shared on my blog, but feel that it is fitting. When Dustin and I miscarried a few years ago, a sweet girl named Ramzi (see below post) taught me something about faith. She was about 3 1/2 or 4 at the time. She had known I was pregnant, so her mom had to explain to her that my baby had to go to heaven, but that my sisters baby was still in her tummy. That night, Ramzi prayed for Ally and Lindsay's babies'. When she was done, her mom explained again that my baby wasn't in my tummy, but had gone to heaven. Ramzi told her, "I was not praying for that baby, I was praying for the new baby God is going to put in her tummy." WOW!! And now I know why we are to have the faith of a child!