Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ryan at 6 Months

I am a bit behind on blogging. Ryan turned 1/2 a year old on January 6! "Bubba", as Dustin, Taylor and I like to call him, is such a joy. If he's not smiling and laughing, it's because he's eating or sleeping (or hungry or tired). He just hardly EVER fusses! Here's some fun facts about my sweet 6 month old boy...

-He weighed in at 20 lbs 13 oz (90th %) and 27 inches (60th %). He got FIVE shots at the doctor, because I got his H1N1 and regular flu shots along with his 3 regular vaccinations. It was SO SAD!! Thankfully, the nurse was very quick!

-He is officially rolling everywhere! He started rolling from his back to his tummy at 5 1/2 months. He hasn't quite figured out how to roll where he wants to go, but he's mobile!

-He is pushing up on his knees and rocking back and forth. I think he'll be crawling soon! He's scooting backwards really well! :)

-He LOVES baby food. So far, he is eating peas, green beans, carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, and applesauce. He still enjoys cereal, too. He is down to 4 bottles (6 1/2 oz each) per day instead of 5.

-He is developing somewhat of a schedule...Wake up around 7, long nap in morning and evening with a small cat nap in afternoon, bedtime after bottle about 9.

-He still loves to bounce in the johnny jump-up, play on the floor and explore the toys on his exersaucer. He is not a fan of the bumbo unless he is being fed, and he does not enjoy sitting up.

-He absolutely adores his sister (and any other females for that matter). This boy is a flirt!! His sister can bring a smile to his face no matter how difficult his day is. :)

Here are some pics of our precious boy...

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Random Pictures

**Be sure and scroll down...did a post on Christmas today too**
Playing after bath time!

Ryan thinks carrots are funny!

Modeling a cute outfit from the Cross Family

She loves her baby brother!!

Christmas in Pictures

So, these pictures are in complete reverse order and I don't want to rearrange them! Here are pictures from our 4 Christmases in 4 days! I don't have pictures of our Christmas with my mom and David b/c I forgot my camera that day. Ugh!! It was wild few days, but so much fun! We did a 180 on Hwy 84 on Christmas Day and ended in the ditch. We were all ok. Dustin had us almost out of the ditch and a guy came along in a pick-up and pulled us the rest of the way out. He said that he pulled cars out of the ditch all day on Christmas Eve. He grabbed his niece and nephew that morning and told them to come with him...they were going to see how many people they could help today!! I thought that was pretty cool! Anyway, here are the pictures...

Ryan playing with his new toy from Santa

Tay was so excited to see what Santa left for her!

Her new horse and doll house (Santa almost didn't get the horse, but Taylor just KNEW he was going to bring it to Santa decided since she'd been a good girl, she deserved it!)

Walking in to her see her toys Santa left (we were gone on Christmas Day, but Santa left the gifts for us when we returned)

An icicle off of Grandpa's house (excuse the nakedness)

Dustin in the snuggie!

Pop Pop and his angels. Ryan's face cracks me up!

Ryan's truck from Pop Pop

Taylor's Ariel doll from Pop Pop

The snow was too powdery for a snowman, so we made a mini-one in the house!

Building the snowman

Playing in the snow

Ready to play in the snow!

Christmas at Grandpa and Grandma's