Friday, July 08, 2011

Ryan's 2nd Birthday

Ryan turned 2 on July 6th. We celebrated with a Mickey Mouse cake and lots of family. Ryan is so much fun these days! He's talking more and more...putting words together, counting well, identifying shapes and colors everywhere he looks. He loves Mickey and Dora. He loves being outside, playing rough, running, driving his cars, pushing anything with buttons or fastening buckles and playing with his big sister. He is easy going and adapts well to change...hmmm probably since he's a second child. He recently started singing Amazing Grace and it is truly the sweetest sound! Happy Birthday, Ryan! God blessed our lives richly with you!!!

Mickey Cake

Opening presents

Checking out some new books

Blowing out birthday candles

Ellie and Taylor waiting for cake

Playing with his new cars slide

Slip n slide fun

Abriella and Ellie

Abriella and Taylor

Couldn't resist!!

Loves playing outside