Monday, December 31, 2007

For Candice and Brady

I'm not done editing pictures yet, but Candice, I wanted you to know that I have some of the pictures ready on my website. Click here to see them. I hope ya'll had a GREAT time in New York!!! Check back in a few days for the rest of them...

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Merry Christmas

The Christmas break has been WONDERFUL and restful!! Taylor is sleeping so good these days, and Dustin and I are LOVING that. She had a great time at Christmas, opening every one's gifts. She's learned a few more tricks, too. She's started saying, "up, please" when she wants up on the couch or chair. I'm pretty impressed that she's putting two words together. Of course, as far as I'm concerned, this makes her a genius! :-) She's also started saying her name, which you've just got to hear. It sounds like "Tay-la". Any picture you point to and ask her who it is, she says Tay-la! Love it!

Also, the other day, I was doing dishes with rubber gloves on. When I took them off, Taylor grabbed them and wanted me to put them on her. She wore those silly things for like 45 minutes. We start 'em early around here...

Here are some pictures of Taylor playing in her crib a few weeks ago. The light coming in her room was just beautiful. And this was after like 3 or 4 straight days of the light was wonderful!

Playing peek-a-boo
We went to see Santa at Southland before school let out. Let's just say, we didn't waste the gas going to Santa Land this year...

Here are a few pics from the annual Settle/Wall/Caldwell/Winchester Christmas party. Darn-it, we didn't win the "leg lamp". Maybe next year...

Taylor and Riley

Sunday, December 16, 2007


Life in the country has kept me busy! :-) We still don't have Internet at the house, so it's hard to update regularly. But truth be told, it really has been busy in the Wall household! Dustin is full swing in basketball season, now. I am realizing that it was SO much easier last year, when Taylor wasn't mobile and would sleep through most of the games. This year, she thinks she owns the basketball court and tries to run out on it every 10 seconds. I have started keeping her entertained with Dum Dum's. Nothing wrong with bribing your child with sugar to be still, right?! Is three Dum Dum's in one basketball game too many?! Whew, the life of a mom with a 1 year old!!

Dustin's first season as head coach is going really well. I am LOVING all the basketball!! I love to yell at the games, watch film with him, and have the basketball girls over for supper. It's so neat being so close to the school! I have gone down and played with them a couple of times during practice. They kick my butt, but it's fun anyway! After going up and down the court a few times, I sound like a 65-year old smoker! Can you say OUT OF SHAPE?!

Dustin and I also just celebrated our 5th year anniversary. WOW! I can't believe it's been 5 years, already!! It's been such an amazing journey. I am so blessed by him!

Taylor is hilarious these days! She's getting so fast on her feet...we may have a runner in the next couple of months. She continues to talk like crazy and learns new words every day! Her new favorite thing is to sing "The Itsy Bitsy Spider." She's getting pretty good at it! The last couple of months, she's been really clingy and will hardly go to anyone. This makes things very difficult! But in the last week or so, she's really started to get comfortable around other people. I am ready for her to go to people, especially at basketball games! (I say that now, but in a few years, I know she won't even want to sit with me anymore). I have to keep reminding myself that each stage she goes through has it's goods and bads. And this too shall pass!

In other BIG news, Dustin's dad has been approved for brain surgery. He has lived with epilepsy for at least the last 25 years, that they know of. He's had lots of testing done recently, and he has qualified for the surgery. So, in January, he will go to Dallas and have a portion of his brain removed. PLEASE, PLEASE pray for him!! This is an awesome opportunity, but scary at the same time! This could completely change his life and we are so excited for him!

I will leave you with some pictures of the little one. It wouldn't be a post without pictures!!
in her vest from Aunt Staci over Thanksgiving holidays

I think she really looks like her cousin, Britten in this one

Hanging out in the rocking chair

We went to check out some of the Weaver's cotton crop over Thanksgiving break. Taylor wanted to eat it!