Wednesday, June 02, 2010


We are LOVING summertime! It's so awesome to have Dustin home. Although not much changes in my world, things seemed more laid-back and relaxed. The kids are loving the pool and sunshine! They would be outside 24/7 if we let them. We said good-bye to something very precious this last week...Taylor's naps! She'll still take one if we lay her down, but she stays up until 10 pm if she naps! So, we make her have "rest time" in her room, where she cannot bother us for 45 minutes or so. This still allows me some time with both kids in bed, which is really helpful. The good thing, both kids are in bed and asleep by 8 pm!!

Ryan is amazing me these days! As usual, he's my "laid-back" baby. He eats anything and all the time!! If you feed him, then ask him if it's good, he replies with an enthusiastic "MMMMM!" He's clapping, waving and babbling like crazy. He says Ma-ma, Da-da, ball, fish, hey and bye-bye. He bear crawls when outside or on hard surfaces and cruises with ease. I cannot believe he'll be one in a month.

Cuddling in bed after Ryan's nap

Taylor holding Staci's dog Paxton

Deep thoughts...

Lookin' like his daddy!

Taylor has learned to make her bed. She calls it her "chore" and does it each morning. Most mornings, she does it without being told!

More pool time!
Bathing Beauty

I LOVE those chunky legs!