Sunday, October 21, 2007

Happy Fall

I love fall! It's definitely my favorite time of year. One of our blog topics that I've missed is to list your 10 favorite things about fall. Here goes...

1) The coolness and crispness in the air

2) Halloween

3) The leaves changing color

4) Football!!!

5) Thanksgiving

6) Pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie, pumpkin muffins, etc.

7) Sunsets...for some reason, they seem prettier in the fall
8) Jean Jackets
9) Tall boots
10) Smell of spices cooking
We took Taylor to Cumberland Presbyterian the other evening for some cute fall pictures with pumpkins. She loved it! She called the pumpkins balls. When we put her in her carseat she cried "More Balls." She was not ready to go.

Taylor had lots of fun playing in the dirt in our front yard the other night! She climbed right in the barrel and dug her toes in the dirt! She had a good bath after we got inside!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Taylor Turns "1" and Some Fun News

We celebrated Taylor's b-day with a birthday party last Saturday. There were 40+ people at our house! And as many presents as people. Taylor is so loved and she hasn't got a clue! We had lunch and birthday cake and ice cream. I stayed up until 2:30 am making her cake, but it turned out great! Taylor opened about 2 presents, then was done. So, I got to enjoy opening them like it was my birthday! WooHoo!! She hit the jackpot! She got lots of neat toys, cute clothes and cute shoes!
I cannot believe that my sweet baby is "1"!! I remeber bringing her home this time last year, like it was yesterday! She has drastically changed our lives, and I feel so blessed! She has started walking, when she feels like it, and it makes her look so much older. She is repeating anything we tell her to, which is so cool! I can also tell her to go get things, like her cup, paci, ball or car and she knows what to get! I love it! We are also only giving her formula at night, and will stop that once we are through with this can. She is eating all table food and no more baby food! She is such a big girl!
For the fun we are NOT pregnant. But we are moving to Southland! The School Board offered us a house, with all expenses paid, for practically nothing. We can't pass it up! It will save TONS on gas and bills! And it will allow for lots more family time. I am thrilled! The hardest part of it is that I will be losing a couple of kids. I will still be keeping the kids whose parents teach at Southland, but I will miss Thatcher and Hunter, though! I'm going to be living in the country, practically, which will be weird! We are going to try and rent our house, so if you know of anyone looking, send them our way! God is constantly providing for us and answering our prayers. We never cease to be amazed at how He takes care of us!
The lack of posts is because our modem crashed! We are expecting a new one, soon. More posts and pics to come!