Monday, October 25, 2010

Pumpkin Fun

I took the kids to the doctor last Monday - Ryan for 15 months and Taylor for 4-yr check ups. It was an interesting time! Ryan got 2 shots and Taylor got FIVE, plus the flu vaccine through the nose. I would rather give shots to a baby any day than to a 4-yr old...that was ROUGH! Overall, they did well. Here's their stats...

Ryan - 31 inches (25-50 %)
27 lbs (75-90%)

Taylor - 38 inches
38.5 lbs

Waiting on the doctor...

After the doctor, we went to eat at Chick Fil' A, then to the pumpkin patch. The kids LOVED the pumpkin patch! As usual, Ryan is all over the place, so it's harder to get a good picture of him!

We were in Lamesa last week, and the kids had on their halloween shirts. I couldn't miss an opportunity for more fall pictures!!

A few random pictures...This is how I found Taylor during rest time the other day. She was watching her movie while doing a headstand. It made me laugh!

Crazy hair day at school Friday...
It got quiet...I should have known! An entire box of kleenex!
Dustin and Taylor carved a pumpkin this weekend. Ryan didn't really care. He just loves the outdoors!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Taylor turns 4!

I cannot believe my baby girl is 4! What a precious big girl she is! She had a great birthday this year! She wanted a Cinderella cake and decorations with all the princesses on it. We "partied" here at the house and played at the playground after cake and gifts. It was so fun to see her excitement this year! God blessed us 4 years ago with this sweet girl and our lives will never be the same! Taylor, I love your creativeness, your excitement for life, your drama and silliness! I love hearing you sing, hearing you tell us and your brother how much you love us and listening to your prayers. I love you Taylor Faith!! You are a sweet, special girl!

Morning of her birthday...she wasn't so excited about a picture this early!
Cinderella cake

Ryan and Pop Pop ready for cake!

She's ready to blow out her candle

She got kind of embarassed when we sang to was cute!
Present time!
Beauty and the Beast!

Dorothy slippers
I love this face!

Ryan entertained himself with a box

Looking in her magic mirror

Riding her new scooter
Trying out her new roller skates

Ryan at the playground
Cooper and Taylor

Kenndall and Taylor

All the kiddos at the party!

Family picture
I took a few pictures of our big 4-year old after church today.