Thursday, July 29, 2010


Our family took a mini-vacation a couple weeks ago to Dallas. We were originally going to visit my grandparents near Galveston, but Ryan has become quite difficult in the car these days. So, we decided to postpone that trip to next Spring Break and make the 5 hour trip to Dallas, versus the 11 hour trip! And it was a great choice!! We had such a wonderful time!! The kids were both great in the car, in traffic, at restaurants, and they slept great in the hotel. We loved getting to see Aunt Staci, going to the Fort Worth Zoo, and swimming at the hotel. Here's a recap of our trip in pictures...

Going to the zoo
Ready to see the animals

Check out her face...guess she didn't like the snake!
Ryan got to crawl around in the aquarium/reptile building
Taylor petting a blue-tongued lizard

Taylor and a kimono dragon...the thing was huge!

Taylor riding the fake kimono dragon
The bird area was awesome!! Since seeing Snow White, Taylor has asked repeatedly if she can ever hold a bird on her finger. You can imagine how much she loved this!! We spent more time here than anywhere else!

Taylor checking out the zebra's
Dustin gave Taylor multiple rides on his shoulders!!
It was a long day for Ryan!

Taylor cooling off under the "misters" sweet!!

Scuba Steve :)

Ryan loved the pool and his Aunt Staci!!
too funny for words!

what a ham!
little fish

On the drive home

Dustin and I talked repeatedly about what a fun stage our kids are at and how much fun we had on this trip! We feel very blessed to have each other and such sweet kids!! I feel like so many times in my life, I've looked forward to when kids are bigger or when we have more money or a bigger car, etc. But for now, I am truly very content with my life, and I don't know that I've ever felt this way. The trip was quick and nothing spectacular, but it was definitely one I'll always remember. God has blessed my life so much and I am so thankful!! I know there will be many more memories like this in the future!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

VBS, Frogs, Motorcycles and Lazy Susan's

So, this is a catch up post. There are lots of random pictures, as you can see from the title! We had VBS at our church the last week of June. Taylor LOVED it! We did Saddle Ridge Ranch. I got to do the singing and I had a blast with the kids! It was fun to see everything Taylor learned each day and all the crafts she made!

Taylor and Madi

Listening in class

Performing songs on stage

Signing Jesus

As I've posted before, Taylor loves frogs and bugs! Dustin tilled up our front yard and found two frogs. Taylor kept them on the front porch under cups for like 2 days. The little one didn't make it, and we had to convince her to let the big one go! Check out my little tom-boy.

Ryan was watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse one day and the light was so pretty I just had to take his picture! He just woke up from his nap and has the sleepy eye look, which I LOVE!

Before church

We spent some time at Chrissy's this week. Clayton was asleep, but we attempted to get a picture with everyone looking at the camera. Yeah, right! Kenndall's face cracks me up!

More pictures of Taylor's new hair cut. She still loves it!!

Taylor's friends, Cy and Blue got an electric motorcycle. They came over yesterday and Taylor got to take a turn. She loved it and is already begging to go there today and ride it!

Last night, while I was cooking supper, Ryan was getting into everything! It got quiet and I got nervous. I started looking for him and couldn't find him. Then I heard him crying. He had climbed in the Lazy Susan and taken a ride around. He was stuck in the back and not very happy. Of course, I took pictures before getting him out!