Monday, July 14, 2008

Mud Fun and Little Ladybug

I watched Trax and Ramzi today. After the rain we had this morning and our naps, we decided we should play outside in the sprinkler. The kiddos quickly got tired of the sprinkler, especially when they found these big mud puddles in the yard. Taylor wasn't all that fond of it, but eventually dug her hands in!

Ramzi giving Trax "the look" after he nailed her with mud

Check out how muddy Trax got!! Can you see the mudpile on his head???

Proof that Taylor DID get her hands muddy!
Afterwards, they 3 all enjoyed a bath together! The water was so dirty, we had to drain it and refill it halfway through.

I had to post these next pictures of Taylor's new ladybug bows. Dustin's cousins wife, Carla, made them and many others. I won them in an auction at a family reunion a few weeks ago. We had the perfect ladybug outfit to match the bows.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy 4th!

We had a fun-filled 4th today! We hung out at the park in Slaton, then went to a swimming party at a friend's house. Taylor was lots of fun!! She won "Little Miss Firecracker" at the park in Slaton. That's all this momma more thing to make her proud of her sweet little girl! :-)

This clown at the park made balloons for the kids. Taylor was not too sure of her!
Taylor and her friend Luke. He won "Little Mr. Firecracker"

She walked around forever with this lemon in her mouth. Crazy girl!!

She LOVED these goggles. They looked hilarious on her!

On the way home with her "coffee" (trophy). I guess she thinks it's a coffee cup?!