Friday, June 29, 2007

Bed Head

Can't you tell that Taylor slept good last night? The hair says it all...

We took her to the doctor this morning because she had been tugging at her ears. She did not have an ear infection...yay! So, we went ahead with her 9 month check up (she'll be 9 months in 2 weeks). She weighed 22 pounds!!!! And she was 27 1/4 inches. She is definitely a Lewis because she was 95% in weight and only 50 % in height! She can also start eating any table food that she can handle with her gums...still no teeth yet! I can't believe we only have 3 more months of bottles!! She is also having to go to an eye doctor because she might have a lazy eye. If it is a lazy eye, she'll have to wear an eye patch over her good eye to make the lazy one stronger. Libby, she'll really be a pirate now...she's already got the growling part down!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Gall Stones, Cheetos, and a Cute Outfit

So, how's that for a title?! Well, I had my gall bladder removed on Monday. It was very inflamed and had 3 very large stones (about the size of marbles) in it. I have the stones in a jar in case anyone is interested in seeing them. They are GROSS! I have 4 holes in my belly, one of them in my belly button. The recovery is going pretty good, so far. I can't pick up Taylor, which has been hard, but I've been getting on the floor and playing with her some. I was really sick yesterday, but I'm finally holding food down today! It's nice to be able to eat something. I also got to shower, which was great! So, I am on the road to recovery!!

Taylor had her first Cheetos the other day. She really liked it! She was really sad when it was all gone and I didn't give her another one!

This is the cute little outfit that she wore to church on Sunday. It's another hand-me-down from Britten. You can click here to see pictures of Britten in it when she was 8 months old, also. Lindsay found this exact outfit in 18 months, so while we were in Georgia, we dressed the girls in them and took pictures. The film is still in my camera. I need to get it developed.

Taylor is really trying to repeat what we say. She says ma-ma, da-da, bye bye, and hello quite often. It is so cute! She also growls...yes, growls. And does it very loud! She knows we think it's funny because she smiles at us after she growls. She is growing and changing all the time. I am afraid she will be cruising along the furniture before I know it!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Taylor and Summer

I am behind on posting! Taylor and Summer were married 2 weeks ago! What a fun couple they are!! The day was wonderful.

We were able to do the guys pictures outside at Mercy Center in Slaton. It was hot, but the guys were all good sports!

We were planning on heading back to Mercy Center for the girls, but a bad storm blew in...hail, high winds, and rain. So we stayed in the church...

Summer wanted to do the "door shot." This was before the wedding. The door is separating them, so they can't see each other.
I would like to point out Summer's smile after holding hands with Taylor around the door. I think her smile says it all! She's a woman in love!!

I don't know that I've ever photographed a wedding where I felt God's presence so much! Their ceremony was beautiful. They wrote their own vows, such beautiful words from both of them. They also served each other communion. I always feel like communion is such an intimate meeting with God and such a sacred thing, and they shared that fitting on their wedding day!

We went to a field on Woodrow road on the way to the reception in Lubbock. Summer kept on saying that she was just so happy! Can't you just see the love in their eyes?!

The reception was at Strictly Ballroom in Lubbock. I'd never been there and it is really pretty! They had taken dance lessons and had an amazing first dance. I think it was a elegant!! You can click here to see the rest of the pictures.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Weekend Fun and Father's Day

We had a wonderful weekend and a great Father's Day! On Saturday morning, I went and got my facial that Dustin gave me for Mother's Day. It was AWESOME! Then, I met some of my friends for a surprise 30th birthday party for April. Saturday evening, we relaxed around the house and watched The Last King of Scotland. I was surprised that I really enjoyed the movie.

On Sunday after church, we met up with the Lewis family (my dad's side) at Fazzoli's. It was great to see everyone. Taylor showed off to everyone...she was super cute! She had on her adorable new dress from her Aunt Staci. See how cute she is?! She loves her Aunt Staci.

After we left Fazzoli's, we went to the Science Spectrum to check out Critter Fest. Taylor had fun looking at the camels, llamas, goats and horses.

Staci and Taylor checking out the camel
Taylor's face after the camel licked her hand!
Looking at the baby goats

We had a great dinner that evening with our dad's. Most of the time was spent playing with Taylor and laughing at the funny things she does. Gosh, what did we do before she was here?

Now, onto Belated Father's Day wishes...

To my Dad,
I am so blessed that I've had you in my life for 26 years. But now, it's even more special to see you with Taylor. It makes our bond that much greater. You are a wonderful Dad and a great Pop Pop. Taylor told me that she loves her long walks in the stroller and can't wait until she gets bigger and can do even more things with you.
We love you!!!

To Dustin,
I never thought that I could love you more than I did the day I walked down the isle. Our love definitely grew over the years. When Miss Taylor was born and I was able to see you as a dad, my love grew even MORE! Nothing warms my heart more than to see the two of you together...reading, playing, napping. Taylor is VERY blessed to have such an amazing daddy. I thank God for you every day!
We love you!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

My Little Munchkin

Taylor was in such a great mood this afternoon. I got out the camera and loved the pictures of her many faces!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Georgia Pictures

TONS and TONS of pictures...I could not decide! So, here are the highlights of our vacation in pictures...

Tybee Island, just outside of Savanah was beautiful! Britten LOVES the beach, but Taylor was a little unsure. We never really got her very far in the water. She did enjoy playing in the sand. It was Dustin's first time in the ocean and he really liked it! We were thankful for the pretty weather because it poured the entire day before.

These next few pictures are on River Street in downtown Savanah. What a cool place! We went to a really yummy candy shop and looked in different shops. We ate good burgers and took pictures by the river. It was chilly and we were thankful we had bought the girls these little jackets the day before at Old Navy!
The parks in Savanah are so beautiful. The trees are huge and the grass is so green. The girls had fun playing in this park after they woke up from a good snooze in their strollers.

The girls had lots of fun playing together at home. Here are some pictures one day after baths. I actually got Britten to smile in some! She's not too fond of the camera these days.

Britten playing video games with her daddy
Lindsay bought Britten this new horse while we were there. She LOVED it! I wish I had not cut off her head in this picture, but her smile is so cute!