Sunday, September 19, 2010

Like Grandfather, Like Father, Like Son

Check out the similarities...First, Dustin's dad Sam, then Dustin, then Ryan. Gosh, they look alike! And I see where Ryan gets his love of food!!

Ryan 11 months

Dustin at about 1 yr

Couple more of Dustin

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Homecoming Week and Home Improvements

This week was Homecoming Week at Sands. Taylor and Cali went to school Tues and Thurs dressed in the "theme" for that day, so they could pick prizes from Tana's prize box. These sweet girls have so much fun together!!

Mis-match day - they have mis-match bows, Cali's socks are different and Tay's shoes are different

"Your Future is Bright" - Bright clothes and sunglasses

Dustin and Ryan wore their bright colors, too!

Ryan's chunky legs are so cute...I couldn't resist a few pictures!

We are so blessed to live in school housing here! We've worked hard on the house since July and I wanted to post before/after photos. Dustin is responsible for the awesome yard!!
Yard before

Yard after

Living Room before

Living Room after (the school had the carpet replaced!)

Dining Room/Entryway before (notice the yellow glass)

After (yellow glass is GONE!)

Kitchen before


Master bedroom before

After - The back wall is chocolate brown...looks kinda green in pic. I still want to redo bedding (blue and brown) and add curtains.

"dressing area" in master before

After - still need to paint cabinets white

Kid's room before
Ryan's after

Tay's after - she made her bed :)