Thursday, May 29, 2008

Cuties Pics ONLINE

The Cactus Cuties pics from the Spurs game are finally online!! I know some of the mom's are anxious to see them. Sorry it's taken SO long! Click here to see them all!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Picture Update

Some pictures of Taylor before church this morning...

Princess Taylor...she loves having her shirt off

Actually, she'd run around naked ALL day if we let her. Here are the girls holding their babies and singing...

Monday, May 12, 2008

Cuties and the Spurs

Whew...what a weekend!!! I got a call from a dear friend of mine, Cami last Friday about noon. Cami is the manager/director/coach of the CactusCuties. She made a proposition that I could not turn down...and boy, am I glad that I did not turn it down. She asked if Dustin and I would like to go to San Antonio on Saturday and Sunday (like the next day!!!) so that I could be the Cuties photographer. What sold me was that I would be taking pictures of them performing at the Spurs game!!!!! If you have not heard of them, or heard them sing, let me take this opportunity to say OH MY GOSH!!!!!! Click on CactusCuties to go to their site. Read about them there and listen to their songs.

Anyway, on with the weekend. We quickly scrambled to find a sitter and work out the kinks and on Saturday at 11, we were on the road. Just past Junction, we came up on this sign. Did anyone know that there was a speed limit of 80 anywhere in Texas??!! I had to take a picture to prove it!

And here we are...pumped to see these girls perform and to see a Spurs game!!
When we all got settled at the hotel, we hit the river walk. We took the gondola ride and the girls sang a few times for passers-by. It's so awesome to watch people stop and their jaws drop!!! We walked to the Alamo, then headed on to dinner.

The next morning, the girls rehearsed some at the hotel. I love the mascaras and pens for microphones!
Half-time outfits!
Walking into AT&T Center for Sound Check. The girls are SO cute and really best friends. They hold hands everywhere they go! They are SO not excited AT ALL!
Dustin and I after sound check(you can see the Spur's dancers in the background!)

The hype in the city is so cool! The dressing room was such fun! Hair and make-up being done, autographs being signed...

AND of course, some goofing around. This is how Madeline really feels about her mom's pep talk!

Walking down the hall to sing the National Anthem. The girls don't even know to be nervous. I, on the other hand, needed a trash can!!!!

The girls ROCKED the house!! The PR person for the Spurs told Cami afterward that the Anthem normally never gets cheers that loud!!! I wasn't allowed on the court during the National Anthem. I had to stand behind the girls. Here's some of my faves...

After the Anthem, in front of the dressing room

Before the half-time performance
With the Spur's girls...

The girls did a medley at half-time where each girl sang a solo

These girls are GOING PLACES! I know it!!! I was among super stars this weekend!! They are so amazingly talented, and they are such sweet girls! I had a blast with them.

As the girls were exiting the tunnel, this guy walks up and says, "Are you THE Cactus Cuties?" I had to tell the girls they were talking to Reggie Miller. We later explained who he is and who he played for. I got to shake his hand!! They took a pic with him. Excuse the blurriness...I was shaking like CRAZY!

After half-time, I watched the game and got some pictures. SA pulled way ahead, so Duncan and Parker didn't play much in the second half. Oh, and George Strait was there and I spotted Eva Longoria!
Duncan during a time out
Duncan on the bench talking to Bowen

action shot