Monday, June 26, 2006

Baby Taylor Update

I thought it was about time for another update...especially for those of you that I don't see often! We had an exciting discovery this weekend. Taylor made my shirt move!! I was on the computer when I noticed she really started kicking. So, I moved to the couch and told Dustin to come feel her. You'd think she was training for the World Cup or something because she was kicking like crazy. After a few minutes, Dustin took his hand off my belly. I was looking down at my shirt and all of a sudden, it moved. I pulled my shirt up and started staring at my belly. Sure enough, she was kicking so hard that she was making my belly move! Dustin and I just sat there and watched her kick for like 20 minutes. It was the most amazing thing!! She may be the next Mia Hamm!

I also found this really cool baby website that shows 3-D pictures of what the baby looks like each week. Now, this is not Taylor, but I imagine she looks something like this. She should be around 11 inches long and over 1 lb. (She was 1.1 lbs 3 weeks ago!) The picture looks a little "alien-like", but it's such a miracle to me!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Welcome Home

Saturday was a great day for my sister and her family...Justin came home! Lindsay and Britten picked him up at the airport Saturday morning and spent the day with his family. Then, that evening, we all suprised him at River Smith's. He really was suprised. They are so happy to all be back together. We are thankful for the man Justin is and the sacrifice he has made for our country. He had not seen Britten since she was 5 weeks old...she is now 23 weeks old! What a special reunion. I know Lindsay is blessed with a wonderful husband and Britten is blessed with a really special daddy. One day she'll get to hear about the sacrifice he made for our country. Thank you Justin...we're glad you are home!

The happy family

Britten looked so pretty for her daddy!

Lindsay and Britten before they went to the airport

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


That's's a girl! And she is perfect. Dustin will try to hook up the scanner later so I can scan in her picture. We've decided on the name Taylor Faith. The sonographer checked for cleft lip and spinal and brain problems and couldn't find anything wrong. He even went so far as to say that if he and his wife had another baby, he hoped it would look as good as ours. I feel so blessed with a healthy baby. And I'm so excited that it's a girl!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Baby Chloe

Many of you have been praying for baby Chloe Settle. She and her big sister and mom and dad have been in Slaton for a week now. When Dustin and I saw Chloe last week (for the first time in person), we both cried. She is so perfect and so beautiful. She is truly the picture of health! I cannot believe there was a time when this little girl almost did not make it. She is almost 6 months old now...can you believe she was a preemie?! Thank you for your prayers. I know her parents and the rest of us in the family are truly grateful. God has plans for this little girl. I can't wait to see what He has in store for her!

Baby Update

Thought it was about time for a baby update. The little squirt has started moving a lot more! I'm even feeling quite a few kicks. Dustin cannot feel it yet, but I know he'll be able to soon! I am half way now...gosh it's flown by! We find out boy or girl on Wednesday afternoon. Look for a blog entry that evening!! I cannot wait. It is now evident that I am pregnant and not just fat. I really like it...because people now ask when I'm due and things like that. This is definitely the easy part of the pregnancy. I'm no longer sick and I'm not misreable. I will enjoy the next few months and hope the last couple aren't too awful!