Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Random Pictures

Spring Break is over and Dustin went back to hoo. It's fun having him home! But only 9 more weeks until summer!! YAY! We had a great time last week, relaxing and playing outside. My kids are such a joy!

Ryan pulled up last night! He's growing up too quickly. He pulled up on the couch. Taylor was screaming, "He's walking!" I said, "No, honey, he just pulled up from his knees to his feet." Silly girl. Ryan still doesn't have any teeth (8 1/2 months old), but the bottom ones look like they could come in any day now! And I know he and I would appreciate that! Those suckers must hurt, because he's been fussing quite a bit lately, and that's just not like him! I took these pictures of him today in overalls...the boy looks just like his daddy!! And I think he may be "cotton-topped" by the end of summer!

Ryan woke up after his nap today so happy and Taylor wanted to get in bed with him. She does this often, and they'll play forever. It is so fun watching them play. I know I say this a lot, but Ryan loves his "sissy". He will see her walk in the room and start squealing and laughing. And she loves him equally as much! Of course, I have a few Taylor stories I must record...
Today, while giving her a bath, she tried to convince me that she was at my wedding. I told her that she wasn't even born yet, to which she replied, "You know nothing about me being born!" Oh, so that 9 hours of labor I experienced 3 1/2 yrs ago wasn't with you...silly girl!
She also told me today that she had a story for me. It went something like this. "Mommy before you were born, I was Ryan's age. Daddy was born, so was Pop Pop and Grandma. And Chrissy and Brian were born, too. But you weren't. They took me to the hospital and the doctor got scissors and cut the hair off my legs and I cried really bad."

Playing in bed after naptime
They are LICKING the crib rails!

Ryan and the biter biscuit...

Now, it's bathtime!!!

Ryan loves playing with Taylor's doll house. I had to get pictures...blackmail someday...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring Break

We went to Sulphur Springs for a few days to see Dustin's Grandma, Aunts, Uncles and cousins. We had a great trip!! Taylor loved all the kiddos she got to play with and she loved seeing her Great-Grandma. She asked her one day, "Great-Grandma, do you know how to smile?"(she's 90-years old!!) Well, that sure made her smile!!! Here are some pictures from our time there...

Katie, Taylor and Abbie at a resteraunt
Great-Grandma, Taylor, Katie, Ellie, Ryan and Abbie

Flowers Taylor picked for Great-Grandma

Straddle jump!

She LOVED the little trampoline at Aunt Jeanne and Uncle Gary's

Messing with Jeanne's flowers

"I really want to eat this grass, momma!"

Ryan liked the trampoline too :)

Cute Kids!

Our family with Great-Grandma

The kids with Great-Grandma

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I've posted a lot about Ryan lately because he changes so much all the time, but I don't want to leave out my sweet Taylor. She's so grown up, asks big questions, and says such smart things! I love how she loves her brother, wants to cuddle with Dustin and I, and how much she appreciates the small things. Here are a few pictures of her one morning right after she woke up, still in her pajamas with that sweet sleepy-eyed look!

Weekend with Aunt Staci

Aunt Staci came to town last weekend! I think Taylor WORE HER OUT!! Taylor was attached to Staci's hip all weekend! And she loved playing with Pax (Staci's dog). We had a fun weekend with family! Here's some pictures from the weekend...

Ryan playing with blocks from Pop Pop and Chita

Taylor walking Pax to the bakery Sat morning

So cool!

Staci bought Taylor an ice cream

It made a bit of a mess :-)
Gammy and Ryan

Ryan swinging for the firs time at Gammy and Pa-pa's
Ryan fell asleep on the couch with Dustin - look at their hands

Staci and Taylor before church

My Sweet Kiddos

They're so sweet! Enough said...

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Ryan at 8 Months

Eight months ago, we were bringing home a sweet baby boy! Today, he doesn't seem much like a baby at all! Ryan is such a JOY! His smile lights up my day. I love to see him wrinkle his nose and give me that big open-mouth grin. I love to hear him squeal with delight while he watches his sister jump around. I love to see him fall asleep beside Dustin in the chair. I LOVE this little boy! Here's what is going on with Ryan at 8 months...

1) He's on the move all the time! He's crawling everywhere! I will turn my head and he's in the other room by the time I look back.

2) He's eating all kinds of stage 2 baby foods, biter biscuits and puffs. I cannot tell which food he prefers. He seems to love it all...that's a boy for you!

3) He has started babbling a lot more. He's mainly saying "da-da" and "ba-ba", with an occasional "ma-ma" thrown in. It's really funny because he has such a high-pitched voice.

4) He still does not have teeth. Taylor cut 2 teeth at 8 1/2 months, within 2 days of each other. So, maybe they'll be in soon.

Here are some pictures of my sweet 8 month old!

He loves it outside!