Friday, June 27, 2008

More Cactus Cuties!!

Last week, I went to Virginia and Pennsylvania with the Cactus Cuties. I had such a BLAST!!! These first pictures were on our free day. We went to the mall and the girls found these swimsuits. Then, we were off to the beach!

I love this next picture. The girls cannot have any sugar for 48 hours prior to a gig. So, they usually talk about all the yummy things they will consume AFTER the gig is over. This time, they made a list of all the sugar they would eat. This is Madeline's list...check out the last line. :-)

Getting ready to sing at the 700 Club. The girls had their hair and make-up done. What stars!!!

Singing at The 700 Club. Make sure and watch them on July 4, when it airs! They did SO GREAT!!!

After the 700 Club, we were headed to Eerie, PA, where the girls were going to sing at the Manufacturers Association of Northwest Pennsylvania Convention. These people gave them star treatment! A limo picked them up and drove them to a private airport. Here is the girls reaction when they found out they were riding in a limo...

We were driven to a private airport to board a private leer jet. I told treatment!!! The jet was a great experience. The girls worked on recording music videos in the air. It was TOO cute!

The girls sang the National Anthem at the convention and of course, totally rocked the house!! Everyone was SO impressed!

The speakers at the convention were Fred Thompson, John Edwards and Ari Fleischer. The girls were first to take photos with them. How cool is that?!

The hotel we stayed in overlooked Lake Eerie. So, after they were finished singing, we took some photos outside. It was really cold, but the girls toughed it out!

These are the sweetest and most talented girls. I fall in love with them a little more each time I hang out with them!! These are just a FEW of the great pictures from the week. Make sure and check here in the next week or two for all the photos.

Jenna and Dean

I am SO behind on blogging! I took Jenna and Dean's engagement photos a couple of weeks ago. We went to Tech and a few other places in East Lubbock. They are such a fun couple!! They are getting married in Dallas in the fall. Thanks guys for the fun evening!!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Reasons I love summertime, in pictures...

1) Yummy fresh fruits and vegetables. If you can't tell, Taylor is eating a tomato, like you would eat an apple. We went to the apple orchard in Post a couple weeks ago. There were 6 girls and 3 adults. When I wasn't looking, Taylor grabbed this tomato from a basket and took a big bite. She LOVED it.

A few more pics from the orchard...

All the kids looking at the water fountain outside

I thought this was cool of Jadyn blowing a dandelion!

2) Cute summer outfits. This sun dress is from her Grandma and Grandpa!

3) Popsicles!!!!!
4) Swimming! Taylor swam in a big pool at Mikaela's birthday party a few weeks ago. She was a little tentative at first, but loved it once she got used to it!
And a few more pics from the swimming party...
The birthday girl
Chloe and her cupcake
What a cute backside!
Taylor and Riley...they are a couple weeks apart and LOVE each other!!!
5) More time with Daddy! I LOVE this picture!!
6) Letting Taylor run around in just her diaper!

7) Sunglasses and other cute accessories!

8) Sonic drinks!

9) Playing at the park

Now, here are a few more random pictures that I just couldn't leave off!

We got Taylor a Tim Duncan jersey when we went to the Spur's game. I love it on her!!

Taylor had ravioli and Cheetos for lunch the other day. I had to hose her down afterwards!

In some ways, I feel like our summer is busier than the school year. We have so much jammed into 2 1/2 months. When I get too busy, or try to do too much, I see this face and remember to SLOW DOWN!!!