Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sleepy Boy

Ryan can fall asleep just about anywhere. It cracks me up!! He is a true second child...so easy-going! He fell asleep in his jumper this morning and last night on daddy's shoulder after his bottle. I love this sweet sleeping angel!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Leg Rolls, Family Pics and Mustaches

We are already loving the Christmas break at our house!! It's great to have Dustin home and wonderful to be lazy! I took some pictures of Ryan today, in all his chunkiness. Check out those legs...think he's getting enough to eat around here?!

We attempted to take a family picture on the timer before church yesterday. It was a bit difficult to get Ryan to look at the camera. Taylor had fun running back and forth with me for the picture! The whole ordeal was pretty comical!

My sweet little angels

We had the annual Settle, Caldwell, Wall, Winchester, Crawford ball on Saturday night. We always have so much fun!! The gift exchange was a riot! Carla got some artificial mustaches and we all had to take a turn wearing them. We had the drawing for the leg lamp (just like the one on the Christmas Story) and we won it!!!! Yay! It will be on display at our home until New Year's, then again next year from the day after Thanksgiving until we host the party.

Ryan with the stache...the cute hat is from Cami (she also got him a shirt that I will have to have pictures made in soon) Think I look like my dad?!

He's a real coach now!

Tay showing off her outfit from Cami. She loves it!!

Me and my sweet baby girl!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Pictures

My camera is broken (booo) and is going to be in the shop soon. I had to take our Christmas pics with a different camera borrowed from a friend. Atleast I was able to get some pictures done!! I can't believe how big my kids are! Taylor has really grown up a lot lately! She loves to tell you how much she loves you all the time. She's really into cuddling especially in the mornings and after nap time. She LOVES to hug and love on her baby brother. She loves to be the center of attention and is a total drama queen. Where she gets that, I don't know?! My favorite thing she has said lately...She sneezed and said, "Momma, I got bless you on my arm!"

Ryan is 5 1/2 months old. He's eating cereal like a champ! I'm gonna start veggies soon, probably over the Christmas break. He is rolling tummy to back all the time. He wakes up on his back and so happy. I love to hear that little squeal and laugh over the monitor. He has the sweetes giggle! He has grown very fond of the "johnny jumper." He has got quite a vertical and you should check out his calves! He is so happy and easy-going! The other day, I found him asleep in the jumper. He would jump every few minutes but never opened his eyes or lifted his head. It was hilarious! He loves to be held, talked to and cuddled with. He has recently discovered his tongue and loves to stick it out. He also loves his feet. He will pull on his socks until he pulls them off.

These sweet kids are our pride and joy! They bring so much light and happiness to our lives. We are so blessed and can't wait for this Christmas!!