Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Break Begins

Daddy's home, presents are wrapped and cookies are being baked. I love this time of year!! November, December and January are always very busy for us since it's basketball season, so I always welcome Christmas Break! Dustin will have 6 days off from work/basketball practice and he'll have 2 weeks off from school! We are lazy, hang out in our p.j.'s and get lots of fun family time. Here are a few pictures from the start of our break...

Ryan and Taylor cuddling on the couch together

Taylor was an angel in our church Christmas pageant...I'm partial, but I think she's a pretty cute angel!
All the angels

Taylor with Blue (Shepherd Boy)
Singing carols
She saw I was taking a picture and wouldn't look at me

We were getting ready for church Sunday night and Ryan saw that as an opportunity to eat cookies. He ate 2 1/2 before we caught him!

Taylor played dress-up with a bow that was on one of her presents!

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Photo Catch-Up

Ryan is a climber! So much more than Taylor ever was. These next 3 pictures were from 1 day! I catch him climbing all the time! In fact, today, I caught him sitting on top of our kitchen table eating Taylor's left-over breakfast. I cannot believe we haven't had an emergency room visit yet! (knocking on wood!)

Dustin and I went out a few weeks ago for my 30th birthday. We had lots of fun, and since we got dressed nice, might as well snap a few pics...

Taylor's got this relationship figured out! Ryan loves to push Taylor around in the baby doll stroller!

We have a Christmas Party every year where the "leg lamp" from the Christmas Story is exchanged. We received the lamp last year, and it's been on display at our house since Thanksgiving. We love all the comments we get!

I absolutely love these sweet moments! I found Taylor reading to Ryan one night. How sweet!!!
The kids being silly before bed one night...

I kept our friends' twins one night. Taylor loves these boys! Here they are after bath time, in their p.j.'s, ready to watch Toy Story!
Taylor's idea...get a picture of our feet!

As I've blogged about in the past, our town has a pet deer named Deer Abby. She decided to visit us yesterday and hung out in our yard all day! Taylor really wanted to keep her. :)