Sunday, April 27, 2008

18 Months

How is it that my baby is already a year and a half??!! Gosh, and she's not really a baby anymore! She has really been a lot of fun lately. She definitely keeps us on our toes! Here are some fun facts about my 18 month old...

1) She doesn't really like to get dirty or messy. If she spills something on her or gets something on her hands, she will tell you "mess" and expect you to clean her up.

2) She LOVES to dress up in anything (see the next 2 pictures). She loves all jewelry, purses, shoes, clothes and hats.

Princess Taylor
Taylor was wearing her daddy's boots this weekend. She was just in her diaper. I needed to see that naked bottom...she'll kill me one day for this! (also note the bracelet and donut hole...accessories are important!)3) She loves to show-off and knows when she is doing it. When she plays at the playground in the mall, she will go to the top of the slide, then look around to see how many parents are watching her. She will wink or wave or give a cheesy smile before she slides. She was also being a little ham on Friday at breakfast. This is how I found her eating. The girls I keep were laughing at her, so she hammed it up even more!
4) Taylor continues to amaze us almost daily with her vocabulary and understanding of so many things! Last week, she woke up from her nap and told me she wanted a cereal bar. And she said the whole thing by herself and it sounded perfect! I looked at her like, did you really just say that?! Another conversation last week went something like this...
Taylor: "my cup"
Me: "where is it?"
Taylor: "up high"
Me: "where?"
Taylor: "right there"
It's crazy that I can carry on a conversation with her!
Here are a few more pictures of my baby that's not really a baby anymore...

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Yay, The Office is back on tomorrow!!!!! Is it bad that I am SO excited over a TV show?! And that I have been excited since they started showing the teaser's on NBC with the "Welcome Back" song?! I love that show.

We've been enjoying the warmer weather lately (except for today, although the rain was GREAT)! With the warmer weather comes fun new things for Taylor, like popsicles! Since she had her first one last week, she now begs for them all the time. My dad called this morning and could hear her in the background crying. He asked what was wrong and I told him that she wouldn't eat her waffle because she wanted a popsicle. Crazy girl. Of course, Pop Pop said I should've given it to her...well, I'm not as nice as Pop Pop! We've also been driving with the windows rolled down. Every time I get in the car, Taylor says "Mommy windows." She loves the fresh air! If we let the girl live outside, she would!

Here are some pictures of Taylor's first popsicle that she held ALL by herself! She was hosed down afterwards!

Also some pictures of Taylor enjoying left over cake batter!

Taylor has started doing some new things lately that of course I need to brag about! :-) She is counting to 7. She normally skips 2, but it is so cute! When she gets to 7 she yells it sounds like "SEBEN." She's also started singing more and knows most of the words to You Are My Sunshine and Jesus Loves Me. Unfortunately, she's also learning how to throw some BIG temper tantrums, which is NOT so cool! She's been spending some time in her bed lately for that. Otherwise, things are pretty calm and quiet here, which is how we like it. I think there is only like 7 more weeks of school! YAY!!

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Hannah, Emma, Eli & Ellie

I had a busy Thursday afternoon! Two of my good friends from college, Amy and Stacy (who are sisters), wanted me to take pictures of their 4 kids. Amy has a 2 1/2 year old, Hannah, and 9 week-old twins, Eli and Ellie. Stacy has a 9 month-old little girl named Emma.

Amy and Stacy are the type of friends that you may not see or talk to for months, but when you get together, it feels like you were hanging out with them just yesterday. That's how it was on Thursday! It was wonderful for me to catch up with them!! I have lots of fun memories with these two, things like sliding down the stairs in sleeping bags, watching re-runs of Friend's and quoting every episode, and driving to Muleshoe so their mom could cut and color our hair. Amy will remember the summer of toupee's, trees, and trampolines. I also remember when Stacy came home from her first date with her now husband, and I was already putting her first name with his last name...crazy! It's so fun to see them as Mom's now and to share that experience with them. Although, I must say, watching Amy with her twins and 2 1/2 year-old makes my head spin! Thanks for a FUN day!

So, onto the kiddos...This is Hannah. She has amazing blue eyes and a hilarious personality. You should see her "shake her biscuits". HILARIOUS!! She kept us entertained with her "fake cheese smile" and her many expressions. I think I caught some good natural smiles though.

This was the last picture I took. Hannah had gone off and found someone's lipstick. She wanted to be like the big girls!
This is Emma. She is 9 months-old and such an easy-going baby! I wish I would've had a camera behind me so you could see what her mom and Aunt Mindy were doing to get these smiles out of her! Emma loves other babies and kids. She has killer blue eyes, too!

Here are the twins Eli and Ellie (short for Elizabeth). What sweet little babies! I was there for a couple of hours and NEVER heard either of them fuss. And they look SO much like their's crazy!

Here are some group shots that we took during the day. Hannah is protecting Emma in this first one. We kept saying "we're gonna getcha." Hannah did NOT want us to get Emma.

Getting the 4 of them in one pic was a bit of a challenge!
Amy and her 3
Stacy and Emma