Saturday, October 25, 2008

My TWO Year Old!

My baby turned TWO on October 16. How can two-years have already gone by?! I feel like it was just a few short months ago that she was born. I am really loving this fun time in our lives right now! She is overflowing with energy ALL the time! She loves to talk and learn new things. She loves to play dress up, have her nails and fingernails painted, play with dolls and run outside. I love to watch her play with her dolls. She is such a little "mommy". I also love to hear her sing and pray. She says such sweet things in her prayers that just make my heart feel good! Here are some pictures from her birthday on Saturday.

Playing outside before everyone arrived

My pretty cousins, Kristin and Kelcee

cute cousin Thatcher

Taylor's Elmo cake

Family pic...she got into the icing!! Blowing out her candles

Showing off her new "dress up stuff"

Taylor and her cousin, Riley...I think they overdosed on b-day cake!

Riley, Taylor and Mikaela

We got Taylor a play set for her baby pen, stroller, swing, kick gym. I found her in her room that night IN they play pen for the baby doll!!

Here are some pictures from yesterday. Ashtyn and Taylor made spider cookies!

Taylor at the football game. I thought she looked too cute in her toboggan

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I have recently begun reading two new blogs. Two blogs of people that I do not know. They have brought blessing and thankfulness to my life. They have brought me a renewed relationship with my Lord, one that was becoming stale and stagnant. Go check them out. And be blessed!! - I just started reading this one today, but I can tell you now, it is one I will continue to read. My friend and Sunday school teacher from our church in Lubbock, Buddy, emailed the link to this blog. My first thought after reading Tuesday's entry was WOW! I love Elizabeth Elliots quote! Ann (the blog writer) reminded me how blessed I am. She also showed me that through my dark times (which thankfully have been few) Jesus did carry me and He WAS enough! - I've been reading this blog for a while now. The story behind why the blog began is so touching (and emotional!!!). Many of her blog entries are hilarious! My favorite of recent was about Rahab. A wonderful story and she told it beautifully. She is a wonderful writer!

I hope these blogs will bless you as they have me!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

New Pics

Just some new pics of Taylor. We were playing outside the other night, so I took some pictures. There are also some of her licking cake batter, after she "helped" me make a cake for potluck.