Sunday, June 12, 2011

Big Boy Bed and Church Camp

My kids love to take their clothes off and play before bath/bed time. I couldn't resist some pictures tonight when they were sitting in the recliner together!

We converted Ryan's crib into a toddler bed yesterday. He slept great last night and had a wonderful, long nap today in it! He's such an easy going kid! We got rid of his paci about a month ago (we lost our last one), and it hardly phased him. Such a typical 2nd kid!

My big boy in his "big boy" bed

Dustin and I sponsored our youth at church camp this last week. We had a great, but exhausting time! I'm still recovering, 3 days later!! God worked in some mighty ways in many of the kiddos. It was also a very spiritually uplifting week for me too! Even the adults get worked on at camp. :-)

Our group from Ackerly

The girls and I (Callie, Kendra and Morgan)

Me and my honey

I did the ropes course while there. Mainly because Dustin said I wouldn't! I'm fairly afraid of heights, so this was a big deal for me to do! I loved it, though I did scream like a little girl!

More of our kiddos hanging out

Callie and I - team RED!