Monday, December 19, 2005

The State Capital

Also while Dustin and I were in Austin, we stopped by the state capital. I have been there several times, but Dustin had never seen it. Since he has his bachelors in history (he just finished and graduated magna cum laude so congratulate him next time you see him)this was really interesting to him! Here are some pictures I took...


The Steffens said...

Congrats Dustin!!! We are very proud of you. I know that yall had fun this past weekend! Love yall!

Simply Scrmptious Recipes: Simple and Delicious food ideas for every type of cook! said...

Allyson Lewis Wall-you came all the way to Austin, TX and didn't call me? I'm only like 10mins from downtown!!!
Hope you guys are well...Annetta sent me Justin and Lindsay's page to see the baby and I found you.
Hello to Dustin!
Lori (Nava)